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VetteCoin Rewards Program

Rewarding, Simplified.

VetteCoins For The Win!

Get 2% back when you shop with us.

VetteCoins are the currency that funds the Corvette Salvage Rewards Program. Every purchase made on is eligible for VetteCoins as a loyalty perk. These coins can be used to discount future purchases. Unlike our competitors, we allow our members to use their rewards as soon as they receive them. There is no need to accumulate a set number of coins before using them. The crew at Corvette Salvage is thrilled to launch this program, and we plan on expanding it as we expand our offerings. For more information on VetteCoins and conversion rates, please see below.

  • Every $1.00 spent on will earn 2 VetteCoins.
  • 100 VetteCoins is equal to $1.00.
  • VetteCoins NEVER expire.
Corvette Salvage Rewards Program VetteCoin

Let's Get Technical

The Rewards available to you through the Corvette Salvage Rewards Program are based on the number of VetteCoins you earn. You can earn VetteCoins by making purchases on You will earn VetteCoins based on the value of your purchase at the rate of two (2) VetteCoins for each U.S. Dollar ($1.00) you spend. (Shipping & Core Charges are excluded from VetteCoin rewards.) VetteCoins can also be earned by signing up for an account (25 VetteCoins) and reviewing purchased products (100 VetteCoins). Note that VetteCoins can not be earned in fractional amounts. Taxes, tips, donations, and fees, including, without limitation, shipping and handling fees, gift-wrapping fees, delivery fees, and bag fees, also may be excluded and ineligible for VetteCoin accrual. 

Generally, VetteCoins are automatically added to your Corvette Salvage account immediately after an eligible purchase. For a breakdown of your earned VetteCoins, you can visit the My VetteCoins section of your account. Suppose you void a purchase made with your Corvette Salvage account. In that case, Corvette Salvage will deduct the VetteCoins you earned for that purchase, potentially resulting in a negative VetteCoins balance on your account.

As a member of Corvette Salvage, you are eligible to redeem VetteCoins. Before finalizing an order, the VetteCoins redemption process occurs on the Cart or Checkout page. The following message will be displayed: “Use _____ VetteCoins for a $_____ discount on this order.” Next to it, there will be an “Apply Discount” button. Upon clicking the “Apply Discount” button, the points will be used to discount your purchase.

No participation or membership fees are associated with the Corvette Salvage Rewards program. VetteCoins accrued in connection with Corvette Salvage are promotional, have no cash value, and cannot be redeemed for cash. In addition, your redemption of VetteCoins accrued in connection with Corvette Salvage cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts that apply to the Rewards for which you are redeeming such VetteCoins unless otherwise expressly indicated by Corvette Salvage.

Your VetteCoins registered to your Corvette Salvage account and your Corvette Salvage account are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred, assigned to, or shared with family, friends, or others or used by you for any commercial purpose. You may have only one (1) Corvette Salvage account that is personal to you.

Without notice to you, Corvette Salvage reserves the right to suspend and terminate your Corvette Salvage account and your participation in the VetteCoin Rewards Program if Corvette Salvage determines, in its sole discretion, that you have violated these Terms of Use or that the use of your Corvette Salvage account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. In its sole discretion, Corvette Salvage may suspend, cancel, or combine Corvette Salvage accounts that appear duplicative. All accrued VetteCoins in your Corvette Salvage account are void if your participation is terminated.

Without notice, Corvette Salvage also reserves the right to “unregister” and make ineligible for rewards any Corvette Salvage account that has been inactive for five (5) consecutive years. Inactivity is defined as no VetteCoins earned during five (5) consecutive years. If your Corvette Salvage account is unregistered or rendered inactive, all accrued VetteCoins in your Corvette Salvage account are void.

Corvette Salvage reserves the right to change, modify, discontinue, or cancel the Corvette Salvage Rewards Program or any part of it at any time and in its sole discretion, without notice to you.

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