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C4 Corvette Parts

The C4 Corvette, also known as the fourth generation Corvette, was introduced in March 1984 and continued through 1996. The C4 was equipped with a larger interior, digital instrumentation, and a sleek, modern look. The two-piece T-Top roof of the C3 generation was replaced with a full Targa Top roof and the hatchback opening became standard on C4 Corvettes.

The C4 Corvette received more than just an exterior/interior facelift. The suspension system of the C4 used composite, transverse leaf springs, the steering system was upgraded to rack-and-pinion for the first time, the brakes were oversized discs, and the frame featured a large aluminum C-Section beam which provided a sturdy structure. Initially, all C4 Corvette models were offered with an automatic transmission, the same four speed transmission which was first introduced in 1982. In a later production run of the C4 Corvette, a Borg-Warner T-10 four speed manual transmission was available. The manual transmission of the C4 Corvette featured an overdrive unit between the transmission and the driveshaft and would engage in gears 2, 3 and 4.

A convertible model of the C4 Corvette was introduced in the later part of 1986. This was the first convertible Corvette manufactured within a ten year period and it carried a $5,000 premium over the coupe.

The C4 Corvette generation offered two anniversary editions. The first was introduced in 1988 as the 35th Anniversary Edition. This model featured an Eggshell White themed Corvette including white wheels, door handles and side strips. The second anniversary C4 Corvette was introduced in 1993 as the 40th Anniversary Edition. This model featured Ruby Red paint and leather seats.

To mark the end of the the C4 generation in 1996, General Motors released a special run of 1,000 Grand Sport Corvettes, 810 Corvette Coupes and 190 Convertible Corvettes were painted Admiral Blue and featured a distinctive white strip.

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