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C8 Corvette Key Fob Programming

C8 Corvette Key Fob Programming

Navigating the key fob system of your C8 Corvette is straightforward with Dino’s Corvette Salvage’s concise guide. From adding a new fob to your lineup to understanding the nuances of replacing primary ones, our instructions will set you up swiftly. Note: Key Fob #1 or #2 replacements are dealer-specific tasks. For all other Corvette needs, trust Dino’s Corvette Salvage.

How to Perform a Tire Pressure Monitor Reset on a C8 Corvette

How to Perform a Tire Pressure Monitor Reset on a 2020-2024 C8 Corvette

If you want to reset or relearn the tire pressure sensors on your C8 Corvette, you can follow a simple process that involves a few steps. This guide will help you go through the procedure to make sure that your Corvette’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is working properly. Understanding TPMS in the C8 Corvette…

How to scan the Corvette QR Code to read your RPO Codes

Corvette QR Code RPO Code Banner

Beginning in 2018, General Motors added a QR Code to the Certification label on all Corvette models. This new QR code includes the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), RPO Codes and other information that identify the content of the Corvette. What is a QR Code? A QR Code is a simple barcode that offers information in…

2020 Corvette Interior Trim Level Codes

2020 Corvette Interior Trim Level Codes Banner

The 2020 Corvette includes the following three interior trim levels: 1LT, 2LT and 3LT. The features of each are discussed below. 1LT Interior Trim Features Starting at $59,995, the 1LT is the entry level trim package and is intended for driving purists who want the lightest Stingray possible, but one that’s still well equipped. This…

2020 Corvette Exterior Color Codes

2020 Exterior Paint Colors Banner

12 Exterior Paint Color Options What exterior colors are available on the C8 2020 Corvette? There are 12 exterior paint choices including three gloss options, seven metallics, and two premium tintcoats. The choices include shades of grayscale to multiple blues and reds along with a vibrant yellow and orange option. Eight of the twelve 2020 Corvette color options…

2020 Corvette RPO Codes

2020 Corvette RPO Codes Banner

Looking to decode a 2020 Corvette RPO (Regular Production Option) code? Check out the tables below. The following is a list of Regular Production Option (RPO) Codes for a 2020 Corvette. A Regular Production Option (RPO) is General Motors standard coding for vehicle configuration options. These codes are a combination of 3 alphanumeric characters and…