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How to Perform a Tire Pressure Monitor Reset on a C8 Corvette

How to Perform a Tire Pressure Monitor Reset on a 2020-2024 C8 Corvette

If you want to reset or relearn the tire pressure sensors on your C8 Corvette, you can follow a simple process that involves a few steps. This guide will help you go through the procedure to make sure that your Corvette’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is working properly.

Understanding TPMS in the C8 Corvette

Maintaining the proper tire pressure is crucial for optimal vehicle performance and safety. The TPMS in the C8 Corvette plays a key role in monitoring the pressure in each tire and alerting the driver when it’s too low or high. This safety feature helps to prevent any potential tire-related accidents and ensures a safe and smooth ride.

When to Reset the TPMS

You should reset the TPMS in the following situations:

  1. After Changing a Tire: If you’ve replaced one or more tires.
  2. Seasonal Tire Change: When switching between summer and winter tires.
  3. Tire Rotation: After rotating the tires to make sure the system correctly identifies the position of each tire.
  4. Pressure Adjustment: If you have manually changed the tire pressures.

Tools Required

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Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting the TPMS

Step 1: Check Tire Pressure

Before you begin the reset process, make sure all tires are cold and inflated to the vehicle’s recommended inflation pressures (found in the owner’s manual or on the door placard).

Step 2: Enter TPMS Learning Mode

  1. Turn the ignition to the ‘ACCESSORY‘ position without starting the engine. (You can do this by holding the ignition button for about 5 seconds until the dash lights up.)
  2. Using the steering wheel controls, access the vehicle’s settings through the infotainment display. Select ‘OPTIONS,’ then ‘TIRE PRESSURE‘ on the right-hand side of the digital dash cluster.
  3. Choose the ‘RELEARN‘ option to start the relearning process.
  4. Next, hold the select wheel/button on the steering wheel for 5 seconds. You will hear two chirps from the horn, meaning the car has entered the relearning mode. You will also see a message that says “Tire Learning Active.”

Step 3a: Reset Each Tire Sensor (Relearn by Driving Method)

Drive the vehicle for a short distance to relearn the positions of the tires. This is usually at a low speed (**driving at a minimum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph)) for a certain distance.

The Corvette manual states the following:

TPMS Sensor Matching Process – Auto Learn Function

“Each TPMS sensor has a unique identification code. The identification code needs to be matched to a new tire/wheel position after rotating the tires or replacing one or more of the TPMS sensors. When a tire is installed, the vehicle must be stationary for about 20 minutes before the system recalculates. The following relearn process takes up to 10 minutes, driving at a minimum speed of 20 km/h (12 mph). A dash (-) or pressure value will display in the DIC. See Driver Information Center (DIC) 0 92. A warning message displays in the DIC if a problem occurs during the relearn process.”

**Thanks to Damian Szigeti for helping us with the correct low driving speed.

Step 3b: Reset Each Tire Sensor (TPMS Relearn Tool Method)

You can also use a TPMS Relearn Tool to manually reset each wheel’s sensor.

  1. Start with the driver’s side front tire.
  2. Press the antenna of the TPMS Relearn Tool against the tire sidewall aimed towards the valve stem. Then, activate the TPMS Relearn Tool by pressing the white button on the front of the tool.
  3. Wait for the horn to chirp. Once it chirps, the car has learned the tire pressure sensor information for that wheel.
  4. Repeat this process for the front passenger side tire, the rear passenger side tire, and finally, the rear driver’s side tire. The horn should chirp each time you move to the next tire.

Step 4: Exiting Learning Mode

Once the reset process is complete, the TPMS warning light on the dashboard should turn off. Check the tire pressure information on the infotainment display to ensure it’s showing accurate readings for each tire.

Additional Tips

  • Manual Reference: Always refer to your Corvette’s owner’s manual for specific instructions and warnings related to your vehicle model.
  • Regular Checks: Regularly check your tire pressure, even with a functioning TPMS, as part of routine maintenance.
  • Professional Assistance: If you encounter issues during relearning or the TPMS warning light remains on, consult a professional technician or your Chevrolet dealer.

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Maintaining the ideal tire pressure in your C8 Corvette is crucial for a smooth and safe driving experience. Resetting the TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) is a simple task to help you achieve this. By following these steps, you can ensure that your Corvette’s tires are always at the recommended pressure, which will help maintain the vehicle’s performance and safety.