Corvette Air Conditioning Evaporator Cores & Related

Corvette Salvage is the only source to get Corvette air conditioning evaporator cores for the best prices. The evaporator core, sometime also called an evaporator coil, is a heat exchanger. Located on the passenger-side firewall, this part fills with cold liquid refrigerant. As the blower motor blows air across it, the heat from that air is absorbed by the cold refrigerant and cold air enters the passenger compartment. The warm refrigerant exits the evaporator core and is replaced with cold refrigerant. This cycle repeats until the passenger compartment reaches the desired temperature. At Corvette Salvage, we offer quality A/C evaporator cores and related parts at unbeatable prices. If you cannot find the part you are looking for below, simply fill out a Parts Request form and let one of our representatives help you locate the right part!

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