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C6 Corvette Window Indexing Guide

C6 Corvette Window Indexing Guide

What is Window Indexing?

The window indexing feature in a C6 Corvette is used to lower the window approximately 1/8-inch when the door is opened. This allows the top edge of the window to clear the weatherstripping that it sits in. When the door is closed, the window indexing will return the window back to its fully seated position.

Window indexing was introduced in C6 Corvette models because the C5 and earlier generation Corvettes had consistent problems with water intrusion and wind noise. Window indexing was GM’s solution for a complete weatherproofing seal by allowing the window to fit into a groove within the window weatherstripping.

Why would my Window Indexing quit working?

It is common for windows to lose their indexing when/if:

  • The battery voltage becomes low or is disconnected.
  • The Window Regulator is replaced.

What happens when windows are not properly indexed?

If the windows are not properly indexed, the Vehicle Information Center will display an error message which reads “Open Then Close Driver / Passenger Window.”

If you have a Convertible, you may find that the convertible top will not operate until the windows have been properly indexed.

Window Indexing Procedure

  1. Start by sitting inside of the Corvette and make sure both the Driver Side & Passenger Side doors are CLOSED.
  2. Turn the ignition switch ON, but keep the engine off.
  3. Using the Driver Side window switches, roll both windows all the way up.
  4. Release the switches.
  5. With the windows rolled all the way up, hold both window switches on the Driver Side panel in the up position for 5 seconds.
  6. Next, roll the windows all the way down. When both windows reach the bottom, continue to hold the switches in the down position for 5 seconds.
  7. Finally, raise and lower both the Driver Side and Passenger Side windows to ensure each one works correctly.

NOTE: The windows have been properly indexed if the window lowers approximately 1/8-inch when either door is opened. The window should also roll back up into the weatherstripping after the door is closed.

If you have to repeat the steps above for any reason, make sure to put the windows in the up position, turn off the ignition, get out of the Corvette and close the door. This will perform a soft system reset so you can attempt to index the windows again. When you’re ready, get back into the Corvette and repeat the steps above.

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