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C5 Dual Climate Control Operation

C5 Corvette Dual Climate Control Operation

Driver-Side Temperature Control

In a C5 Corvette with dual climate control, the driver-side knob changes the temperature on the driver’s and passenger’s side of the vehicle. To increase the temperature turn the knob clockwise and to decrease the temperature turn it counterclockwise. Whenever you turn the driver-side knob, the temperature will be displayed for approximately five seconds along with the current fan speed and air delivery mode.

When adjusting the temperature, start with a driver-set temperature of 73F (23C) until you determine your comfort zone. If you choose 60F (16C), the system will remain at maximum cooling and will not automatically adjust fan speed or air delivery. If you choose 90F (32C), the system will remain at maximum heating and will not automatically adjust fan speed or air delivery. Choosing either maximum setting will not cause the system to heat or cool any faster. Turning the knob past either maximum setting has no effect on the operation of the system.

Passenger-Side Temperature Control

The passenger-side knob changes the temperature on the passenger’s side of the vehicle. When the knob is in the 12 o’clock position, the passenger’s temperature is the same as the driver’s. Turn the knob clockwise for warmer air on the passenger’s side, counterclockwise for cooler air. If the driver-set temperature is set at 60F (16C) or 90F (32C), turning the passenger knob has no effect because the system is locked at a maximum setting.

NOTE: The passenger knob will not change the displayed temperature setting. Only the driver knob will change the displayed setting. Changing the position of the passenger knob will make the temperature coming out of the passenger-side vents up to 6 degrees cooler or warmer.

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