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2020 Corvette Exterior Color Codes

2020 Exterior Paint Colors Banner

12 Exterior Paint Color Options

What exterior colors are available on the C8 2020 Corvette? There are 12 exterior paint choices including three gloss options, seven metallics, and two premium tintcoats. The choices include shades of grayscale to multiple blues and reds along with a vibrant yellow and orange option.

Eight of the twelve 2020 Corvette color options are included in the price of the C8 Stingray. Exceptions include Long Beach Red Metallic Tintcoat, Sebring Orange Tintcoat, Accelerate Yellow Metallic, and Rapid Blue. They are extra-cost colors.

2020 Corvette Exterior Color Codes

Exterior Paint ColorColor CodeTouch Up Paint Number
wdt_IDExterior Paint ColorColor CodeTouch Up Paint Number
1Long Beach Red MetallicG1EWA-405Y
2Sebring Orange TintcoatG26WA-418C
3Arctic WhiteG8GWA-9567
4Ceramic Matrix Gray MetallicG9FWA-459C
5Blade Silver MetallicGANWA-636R
7Accelerate Yellow MetallicGD0WA-622D
8Shadow Gray MetallicGJIWA-626D
9Torch RedGKZWA-9075
10Rapid BlueGMOWA-632D
11Elkhart Lake Blue MetallicGS7WA-625D
12Zeus Bronze MetallicGUIWA-615D
Exterior Paint ColorColor CodeTouch Up Paint Number
Long Beach Red Metallic TintcoatG1EWA-405Y
Sebring Orange TintcoatG26WA-418C
Arctic WhiteG8GWA-9567
Ceramic Matrix Gray MetallicG9FWA-459C
Blade Silver MetallicGANWA-636R
Accelerate Yellow MetallicGD0WA-622D
Shadow Gray MetallicGJIWA-626D
Torch RedGKZWA-9075
Rapid BlueGMOWA-632D
Elkhart Lake Blue MetallicGS7WA-625D
Zeus Bronze MetallicGUIWA-615D

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