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1986 to 1991 Corvette ABS Brake Pump Fix

1986 to 1991 Corvette ABS Brake Pump Fix

Due to faulty designs, many 1986 to 1991 Corvette owners have been running into issues with their anti-lock brake system. Many have spent time and money replacing brake master cylinders, pads, rotors, lines and fluids with no fix coming about. Some have turned to online forums to help diagnose common issues with the ABS system which are:

  • Front and/or Rear Brakes Hang Up & Won’t Release Completely
  • Wheels & Rotors Get Extremely Hot After Braking
  • Brake Pads Wear Excessively
  • Service ABS Dashboard Light Stays On

After doing some extensive research, the crew at Corvette Salvage has determined that the Brake Pressure Modulator Valve (ABS Pump) within 1986 to 1991 Corvette models is prone to failure. Many components within the pump tend to break down due to the corrosive nature of the hydraulic braking fluid which causes the pump to quit functioning properly.

Fortunately, our crew has invested time in this issue and we have developed a solution for the Corvette community which is guaranteed to work. We have packaged our solution into a rebuilding service which will completely renew and upgrade the internals of your Brake Pressure Modulator Valve and make it better than the original factory specifications.

This C4 Brake Pressure Modulator Valve Rebuilding Service will include the following:

  • Rebuilt Electric 12 Volt Motor
  • Cleaned and Reseated Valves
  • New O-Rings Installed
  • New Stainless Steel Valve Springs Installed
  • Bench Testing of the Valves

All repairs are covered by Corvette Salvage’s 30 Day Warranty.

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