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US Postal Service Article June 2010

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom
Auto Salvage Business Takes Off With USPS

    It''s been the classic American sports car for more than 50 years.  It's always been cool to drive, it's sophisticated, has had such names as Blue Flame or Stingray, and been available as a convertible or coupe.  The first model of the Chevrolet Corvette was introduced at the General Motors Motorama in 1953 as a concept show car.  Since then more than 1.3 million Corvettes have been manufactured.

    From the beginning, not only has the Corvette been a collectible car, it's also highly valued and loved by it's owners and drivers, and no more so than when repair and refurbishing threaten to force the two to part ways.

   That's when many owners and fan's turn to Dino Behler of Picayune, MS for help. He may not have all 1.3 million of them but he has enough broken and bruised Corvette's that he's able to operate a successful salvage business providing parts for the well loved sports car.

    Dino's Corvette Salvage ships parts to customers across the country and world wide, so Behler was very interested when rural carrier Barney Fine Explained to him how Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes could help his business.

    From their the project took off. Picayune Post Master Larry Jones Supervisor, Customer Services Keith Brown and Business Solution Specialist Michael Johnson all got involved and assisted Behler by supplying him with free packaging and set-up for USPS shipping. Behler currently ships 15-20 packages daily and projecting postal revenues of $25,000 annually.
   "Dino was thrilled not only with the competitive pricing, but that we pick up his shipments, provide free packaging and we have the scans and tracking there for him and his customers," Jones said.

   Dino's Corvette Salvage found the shipping tune up it needed, and the Postal Service is now cruising with a new customer and new revenue.

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